We are thrilled to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at the years 2023 and 2024, as provided by our Managing Partner, Emeric Domokos, in an exclusive interview with JURIDICE.ro’s editor, Alina Matei. Emeric discussed the challenges and opportunities that have defined this intricate period.

When asked about how he concluded 2023, Emeric Domokos emphasized that it was a nuanced year, with the agony and ecstasy generated by a growing economy, dynamic legislation, and a lively energy market. In the context of accelerated technological development, continuous adaptation and understanding the future of the legal profession became imperative, with clients bringing forth captivating legal challenges and interesting projects.

Regarding 2024, Emeric Domokos highlighted the findings of the Global Risks Perception Survey, indicating an anticipation of instability and moderate risks of global disasters for this year. Mr. Domokos underscored the escalating global tensions, polarizing narratives, and the rising cost of living, emphasizing that dwindling resources and growing geopolitical tensions have sparked conflicts worldwide.

Romania begins 2024 with major tax changes and a dynamic legislative landscape, with protests from judges and court clerks already shaping the legal scene. However, Emeric Domokos believes that every crisis comes with opportunities, stressing the importance of identifying them and collaborating with the right people.

In addition, when asked about which young lawyer caught his attention in 2023, Emeric Domokos mentioned Maria Luiza Babu, a young lawyer who joined our team with great enthusiasm and a diverse experience that aligns with the areas we cover.

We invite you to read the full interview here.

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