Managing Partner

Emeric Domokos

Legal 500
”I would like to highlight Emeric Domokos-Hancu, especially his professionalism, dedication, teamwork skills, commitment and determination.”
”Emeric Domokos-Hancu is a bright and resourceful lawyer.”

Emeric Domokos, Managing Partner, has more than 19 years of work experience in the commercial, administrative and civil litigations, as well as expertise in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, with an acknowledged reputation by clients and colleagues alike. Emeric has defended both foreign and Romanian clients in national and international courts and was involved in international arbitration cases at the ICSID.
A defining case for Emeric was a favourable judgement in the case Bărbulescu vs. România. Emeric was involved in complex insolvency proceeding in matters related to collection of receivables as well as insolvency proceedings against Romanian state-owned hydro-power producer Hidroelectrica. His previous experience also includes real-estate and construction field, on consultancy and dispute resolution. Emeric is fluent in Romanian, English and German.

Emeric is also an insolvency practitioner and member of Insol Europe.


Andreea Neagu

Andreea Neagu, Partner, has over 13 years of experience with both international and local companies, in sophisticated matters. Her main areas of practice are dispute resolution, employment and debt recovery. Aside from those, Andreea has great experience in insolvency and restructuring, public procurement, as well as white collar crime practice.
Andreea handed high-profile cases that include risk assessments in criminal matters, assistance in pre-trial, trial and also criminal investigation cases. She was involved in cases involving complex offences, such as: organised crime groups, money laundering, tax evasion, cybercrime, financial fraud, etc.
Andreea’s experience also includes arbitration cases. She is fluent in Romanian and English.

Oana Sarbu

Oana Sârbu, Partner, is an elite lawyer of a new generation with extraordinary potential, gained through experience in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, commercial, administrative and civil litigations, employment litigation, enforcement procedures. Her client portfolio includes multinational and local companies active in sectors such as energy, real estate and constructions, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, agribusiness, recycling. Oana’s background also includes providing assistance on real estate matters (including due diligence process and structuring of transactions), employment and restructuring, international franchise. Oana is fluent in Romanian and English.

Oana is partner in ADU (Asociatia pentru Dreptul Urbanismului).

Associate Lawyer

Iuliana Petrușchevici

With more than 13 years of experience in different big law firms, Iuliana is specialised in commercial, administrative, labour and civil litigations. She graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest and holds two master degrees from the same University.
Iuliana Petruschevici speaks fluent English, Russian and German.

Maria-Luiza Babu

Maria is a business-oriented lawyer, whose experience includes various high-profile litigation projects on diverse matters, such as public procurement, civil, commercial, and administrative disputes. Apart from those, she also has experience in employment and competition maters.

Maria’s expertise includes assisting clients in every stage of a legal dispute (pre-litigation, negotiation, court proceedings, enforcement), having represented companies form various fields of activity, such as defense and security, retail, real estate, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, technology, medical equipment, financial services, et. al..

HR specialist

Crina Bordeanu

Crina is our HR specialist, responsible with creating the recruitment strategy for our organization, making sure the policies and programs comply with labour laws and regulations, while building a company culture that’s in line with the organization’s values and objectives. She manages employee and employer relationships, ensuring the fair treatment of all employees at all times and making sure that everyone has equal access to opportunities, information, and guidance.

Domokos⋅Neagu⋅Sârbu is a full-service law firm, with services covering all fields of law, with the purpose of offering innovative legal services of the highest quality, combining the local know-how of its partners with the international experience gained over the course of more than 16 years of professional activity.

Domokos⋅Neagu⋅Sârbu is a team composed exclusively of lawyers with experience in complex litigations and projects, with 24/7 activity, whose strong points consist of Litigation, Arbitration, Insolvency, White Collar Crimes, Real Estate and Corporate and who benefit from an excellent aptitude in related areas and a defining experience with complex, multidisciplinary warrants.