Emeric Domokos was one of the lawyers who represented Mr. Bărbulescu in the case “Bărbulescu v. Romania” brought before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights.

The ECtHR issued a judgment in the case in 2016, deciding that employers have the right to monitor their employees’ electronic correspondence, but they must provide adequate protections to safeguard employees’ rights.

The ECtHR’s judgment in the Barbulescu case underscored the importance of protecting the right to privacy and correspondence, even in the context of technology use in the workplace.

On February 26, Emeric talked at the debate about the right to internet access and highlighted the connection between the Barbulescu vs. Romania case and made a comparison between the current legislation and that of the period during the Barbulescu vs. Romania case and how the approach of the courts has changed.

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